Saturday, July 14, 2007

Missed the Friday Night Show

Headed out to a show last night. Didn't make it. Got out the door late as it was. Then no bus in sight. Started walking - don't know where, maybe to the cross street where I could catch another bus. That one came, and I let it slide past, unsure if I really wanted to take it or if it would even get me where I was going any faster. So I kept walking.

Two blocks later, some old gal is walking across the street. I stop and stare. She looks familiar.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" she quips.

Indeed, it was her. I reminded her of who I was and how we'd been old neighborhood friends from my childhood. In fact, as an altar boy, I served at her wedding. We caught up on things after not seeing each other in years. She told me I just keep getting better looking as I age. I assured her that she did also. (Though she claims it's just more makeup!)

In the interim, I missed my bus. And the one after that. And the next one, also.

We bid each other adieu and offerred best wishes. Perhaps we shall cross paths again one day. Maybe never shall I visit with her yet before heaven.

I didn't get to the show on time - or at all. But I found something far better and more important last night. I still went to the lake and walked around. It's interesting what wonderful things you can discover when you're not looking for anything in particular.... if only attentiveness awakens sight.

Here I share some photos from my meandering.

And MORE photos from the evening out are here!

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