Friday, July 13, 2007

I go out walkin', after midnight

Ok, so this has absolutely nothing to do with Chicago, but still it's entertaining:

Two female Asian elephants, performers at Newmarket’s Garden Brothers’ Circus, broke free of their pen this morning and wandered into greener pastures.

They were found around 3 a.m. munching on trees and foliage outside some nearby homes by a group of friends walking nearby. One elephant was munching on a tree, a witness said during an anonymous phone call to York Police.

“We just found an elephant walking down the street,” he said to a confused dispatcher. “Like, a full grown elephant.”

The call is a riot. The guy's buddy, you hear, is leading the elephant back home to the circus down the girl's block.

Hey, even elephants have to stretch out, take a nice late night walk, and grab a bedtime snack once in awhile! (And here you thought the neighborhood racoons, rabbits, squirrels, or opossums were a big problem.)

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