Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dancing With Fire

Every summer month
As the full moon rises
Over Lake Michigan's shore

Those most essential elements
Eternally known to man

Rhythm and fire
Joined as one
Under the glimmering glow
Reflected in moonlight
Casting it's illumination
Out upon the lake
Deep blue shadows seen

And on the grass
Resides a circle
Hundreds gather
To see, experience, witness, feel
This movement

Drums beat their pulse
Tambourines accent
Native flutes intone
A voice

The heart alights
Humanity responds
Jumping joyfully
In sound

Gesticulating gypsy girls
Dancing darlings
Men, strong chested
Naked passions
An internal flame

At lakeside just south of Foster, the Full Moon Fire Jam occurs during the summer months (and into early autumn), on the occasion of, well, the full moon rising. It is a celebration of percussion and fire manipulation. Everything from juggling to poi, to devil sticks, to spinning rods lit aflame. Light marvelous with mysterious movement entrancing to the beats of drummers who feed upon the fire dance in response. One woman knelt as another twirled fire fast about her face. At last night's event, a crowd of over 200 were gathered to witness the spectacle. There is something which rings true to the core of man when these forces unite. Fire and rhythm joined astride water under moonlight. What could be better? It gets down to the base of our being and resounds. So much that you can't help being drawn in, fascinated - almost enspelled; let our a jubilant sound or dance or clap and stomp a beat along. Anyone and everyone can appreciate this sort of thing. Children who are entertained alongside awestruck adults, even the family pet wandering about uninhibited. The monthly ritual renewed perpetually, just like the forces of life within us which they vividly, extrinsically express.

Youtube clips of these jams are online. Highly recommended. But live is even better!