Saturday, December 22, 2007

I heard it through the grapevine

A cold prevented me from getting out last weekend. Had I managed to drag myself away from that comfortable couch, though, the Velvet Lounge would have certainly been the place to be.

Chicago vocalist Dee Alexander's star just continues rising. Stellar performances at Millennium Park, the Hyde Park Jazz Festival earlier this year only highlighted her skills and notoriety, which seem to be extending even beyond what we've heard from her in previous years. Now audience reports surfacing suggest that last Saturday's spectacular, especially, served to seal recent success. Here is a jazz virtuoso vocalist who truly understands intelligent creation of unique musical sound, and she was complemented by an all star collaboration to make what is said to have been an unforgettable evening, the kind of which may not soon be here witnessed again.

But don't just believe what I have to say. Judge for yourself. Check out the latest video posted by the Jazz Institute featuring her 2006 concert in Poland and discover why you won't want to miss her next big event.

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